What is Medicare and Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP)?

MMAP, Inc. is a free health-benefit counseling service. Our goal is to help you find your way through the health benefits maze.

MMAP Counselors are located at the Hillsdale Senior Services Center (Perennial Park), Jackson Department on Aging, and Lenawee Department on Aging. You can reach any of these MMAP Offices by dialing 1-800-803-7174 and you will be connected to the offices nearest you. Counselors are also located at the Region 2 Area Agency on Aging offices in Brooklyn. You can contact them by calling 1-800-335-7881.


How can MMAP help me?

  • Identify resources for prescription drug assistance.
  • Explain Medicare health plan options.
  • Understand doctor bills, hospital bills and Medicare summary notices.
  • Understand Medicare/Medicaid eligibility, enrollment, coverage, claims and appeals.
  • Enroll in Medicare Savings Programs.
  • Review your Medicare supplemental (“Medigap”) insurance needs, compare policies and pursue claims and refunds.
  • Explore long term care financing options, including long term care insurance.
  • Identify and report Medicare/Medicaid fraud and abuse.

If you are an out-of-state family member, you can work with a MMAP counselor by calling 1-800-803-7174.

Are speakers available?

MMAP counselors also conduct public presentations on Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare supplemental insurance, long term care insurance, Medicare Advantage options, Medicare/Medicaid fraud and abuse and other issues of importance to beneficiaries and their families. Call us at 1-800-803-7174 to make arrangements for your event.

Who are MMAP counselors?

MMAP counselors are specialists trained in Medicare and Medicaid law and regulations, health insurance counseling and relevant insurance products.

MMAP counselors are not connected with any insurance company, nor are they licensed to sell insurance. Their purpose is to serve you objectively and confidentially.

Currently, MMAP has hundreds of highly trained and certified counselors. These dedicated and compassionate people, many of them seniors, answer questions and act as guides through the Medicare and Medicaid programs. MMAP counselors have assisted many thousands of Michigan’s elder and disabled citizens and saved them many millions of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses, bringing peace of mind to those who are often confused and frightened when they deal with unfamiliar and difficult government systems.

How do I contact MMAP?

Call toll free 1-800-803-7174. You can speak with a MMAP counselor by telephone. You can schedule an appointment to meet in person. If you are homebound, a counselor will meet you where you live.

You can visit www.mmapinc.org to find your local AAA agency.

Call 1-800-803-7174 or visit www.mmapinc.org

Funding for Michigan Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP, Inc.), Michigan’s state health insurance assistance program comes from grants from the Administration on Community Living, the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and the Department of Heath and Human Services Aging and Adult Services Agency.

Need help with your prescription drug plan?

If you currently have a Medicare drug plan you can review your plan and switch to a new plan each year during OPEN ENROLLMENT – October 15 – December 7. Your new plan will start on January 1st.

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