Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning is the process of communication to help you understand, reflect upon, and discuss goals for future healthcare decisions based on your values and beliefs. When the process is done well it will produce a written plan (an advanced directive) that accurately represents your preferences and prepares others to make healthcare decisions consistent with your preferences.

We are now offering appointments to assist you with your Advance Care Planning for a nominal fee if you would like help facilitating conversations that assist you and your loved ones in exploring:

    1. What is important to you, including your faith and values.
    2. What are your current health and risk factors that could impact your future health, and considerations for different possibilities and treatment options.
    3. How to complete an advance directive, which records your future health care wishes in a legal document in the State of Michigan.
    4. How to choose a Patient Advocate.
    5. Engaging family or close friends to help them understand, support, and follow any treatment preferences that are made.

    We would be happy to assist you with getting your wishes written into a legal document that is recognized in the State of Michigan.

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